11. Glenveagh Lakeside Walk

Please Note: Some facitities listed for this walk may be closed due to Covid19 restrictions.
See https://www.glenveaghnationalpark.ie/

The walk from the Glenveagh National Park visitor centre as far as Glenveagh Castle itself is all on a well surfaced path and is none too demanding. The path was constructed some years back to distance pedestrians from the tarmac road that the park buses run on, and it has greatly improved the experience of walking to the castle as it is more elevated than the road and offers better views of Loch Veagh. It is a fairly level route apart from a couple of short slopes and offers the option of taking a park bus back to the centre if one is feeling tired.

More up to date information at https://www.glenveaghnationalpark.ie/

As with many of the easy walks you can go as far as you want and just turn back for the car park. It is worth noting that this route forms the first section of the Bridle Path walk (Moderate Walks No. 8 )

  • Trailhead: Glenveagh National Park Visitor Centre bus stop.
  • Facilities: Toilets at visitor centre and at the castle. Coffee van at castle.
  • Length: 3.5 km from visitor centre to the castle.
  • Time: 40 min to 50 min depending on pace.
  • Return: Bus from castle. Cost €1.50 for single ticket.